5 Near cnr Brown St & Lord Sts

38. Settlers Arms (45 Brown St)

This hotel has been trading in Dungog since the 1850s. A visitor in 1888 described the Settler’s Arms as ‘a quaint but cosy inn’ that ‘reminds one much of the country hostelries in England’. Soon after, in 1892, a new owner renamed it the Court House Hotel and made extensive additions.

39. Memorial RSL (129 Lord St)

When the Dungog Municipal Council agreed to share its offices with the new Soldier’s Club it was suggested that – ‘After a number of years the soldiers rooms would not be used and would revert to the public’. Instead, due to new members after another war, it was the council that gave up the rooms.

40. Courthouse (Lord St)

Dungog Courthouse is the oldest still operating NSW courthouse outside Sydney. The site was originally a barracks for the mounted police, stationed in Dungog in 1838. By 1849, the mounted police had left and the barracks converted into the new courthouse.

41. St Mary’s Church & St Joseph’s Convent (Brown St)

The Sisters of St Joseph established a school and convent in Dungog in 1888. The Convent of St Joseph was built here in 1891 by local builder J A Hall and it has been the admin offices of the Catholic School since 2002. 

The first St Mary’s Church in Dowling Street was replaced in 1933 with the present St Mary’s here. Unremarkable from the outside, St Mary’s Church has a beautifully curved wood panelled ceiling that gives the interior a basilica-like atmosphere. 



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