7 Scenic spots around town

Surrounded by hills, Dungog has numerous fine viewing spots. Naturally many have built their homes to take advantage of these views. For visitors the view from Hospital Hill is the most accessible.

 45. Anglican Rectory (cnr Myles & Verge St)

Built in 1912 on what is locally reputed to be the site of an Aboriginal burial ground, this rectory replaced one located to the north across Myall creek that often left the Anglican minister flood bound.

46. Violet Hill (11 Verge St)

Possibly the oldest two-story house in Dungog, a ‘Violet Hill’ is mentioned as early as 1850. The existing house has been renovated and extended so that the earliest parts of the house are now enclosed. The house still overlooks large paddocks that were part of Thomas Abbott’s original estate along the Williams River opposite Abbott’s Ford, a major crossing point before bridges.

47. Presbyterian Manse (23 Dowling St)

Originally built by storekeeper Peter McWilliam around 1870, this house for many years would have been both one of the largest in Dungog and the only one at the southern end of Dowling St. It became the Presbyterian Manse in 1889 when the Church brought it for £1000. It enjoys splendid views of Cooreei Hill from its rear.

48. Redroofs (Clarence Town Rd)

This eclectic style house was built in the early 1920s by Eric Dark, of the prosperous Dark family. Situated well back on a sloping property, this wide house is set on an east-west axis. Running across the front and around each side of the house is a 14 columned verandah with a rounded portico positioned to the right of centre.



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